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If you are a dental professional and would like to sign up for our wholesale program, email the following information to loloz@healthygrid.com. One of our representatives will verify your practice and give you access to our wholesale portal where you qualify for wholesale pricing.

In addition to wholesale pricing, dental practices can order samples, fliers and more. Apply today or contact us for more information. 
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From the Loloz Blog

DECEMBER 27, 2018

PH and Oral Health: Why it Matters

What ingredient found in many foods and drinks is bad news for your teeth? The first thing that comes to your mind is probably sugar. While this is true, sometimes we forget another, equally damaging culprit: acid.

DECEMBER 28, 2018

Another Reason to Enjoy That Lollipop!

By now, most people are aware of the many "anti-cavity" candies out there, and how they can satiate a sweet tooth without compromising dental health. You may already be familiar with our product Loloz, which is a cavity, bad breath, and...
Available as a lollipop or lozenge in three delicious flavors:
Refreshing citrus
All-Natural Orange
Fruity blend
All-Natural Berry
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